Color 2015-72

Growing up I did not have much exposure to others of the black race and it was not until I went into the Marines that I did so. It was a different time (59′-63″)and even then I was not affected by exposure to others of color. They were in the same boat (sort of) as  we basically got along. I really believe that when people of different races get together and talk, that is the first step to understanding.

The things that are happening on TV with Ferguson, Baltimore, and NYC are, hopefully, going to make a difference, in some way, I pray.  I think we have to be honest though, with ourselves and others that live with us and that begins with serious discussion and truthfulness on both parts. That could also be said of those of different faiths, where discussing differences is an educational experience. One can only hope.

Color  2015-72

Blank and White opposites

Extremes in color

Not red- Not Yellow

Not in Between


A degree of bright

And one of darkness

Two cultures different

But both with Pride


Not knowing the other

Nor trusting either

So far apart

Opposites- each uncaring


Both so wrong

Or not knowing or admitting

That color is a covering

Not the Soul….

Den Betts

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