Travel of Time 2015-56

We should cherish EACH day that we are here on Earth, living, existing and co-mingling with each other. To try to appreciate what we have, what we experience, what and who we are to each other. Far too soon, comes the final judgment day whereas we have lived our lives as we did, but did not do so in many other ways.

Travel of Time   2015-56

Too soon does set the fiery orb

Across the spacious sky.

So soon comes night – upon us bright

moonlight shining high.

One solitary day gone by

a minus from our life

Closer to eternity of living

without strife

A beggar, poet, leader of man,

or those of other means

All of one with sameness in

the final scope of things

Closer still the judgment day,

escape — the soul is gone

Remains –  behind to witness

the totality of our being

What is to say of all belief

the true and wondrous way

Each and every one that travels

the journey of one day.


Den Betts

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