God Loves ALL 2015-55

God Loves ALL   2015-55

God is a lover of mankind! That being said, let me explain.

God loves His children that he helped create so long ago. Perhaps man evolved, it is a perhaps, and no more. Theories abound as to when and how and why. The Biblical story of Adam and Eve is a story. A story told down through the ages and finally written and tweaked, canonized, and translated into what it is today. It is actually a neat story to read….

The thing is, something is forgotten. He loves ALL of mankind!

There are those that truly believe that He loves only them, their sect, or religion or denomination. It is so far from the actual, and has created so many turmoil’s in life, in the past and present. I think of those that claim they are unbelievers and point at the religious people for so many injustices, killings, and other atrocities in the name of religion, but remember, it is not the religion, it is the people!

I guess, or would say, it may be so, the ranting’s of faith. The thing is, it is not God that is doing the things, it is, again, the people themselves. It is sometimes, if not always, in support of their own personal beliefs. That is sad.  It would not have to be the case if people would let loose of their primitive feelings about God.

God, I said, loves ALL. That includes the atheists, the radical extremists, and the God believers that feel they have a hold on God as being only their own. I know someone that feels that way and it is impossible to talk with him about it, because he gets highly pissed off when you try.

How God can look at His children and put up with us is beyond me. Over and over and over He sees the people acting and performing the way they do, contrary to what He would like. I look at God in the form of Jesus Christ (since I consider myself a Christian), and see so many, including myself, conduct themselves in difference to His teachings and just wonder what His thoughts are constantly.

The word LOVE, comes to mind. God in the form of the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, LOVES ALL of us, is what I believe. The word ALL means ALL, no exceptions, no exclusions, no differences, no nothing. He, God, loves those that deny Him and He looks at them as his children.  How can He do that!!!!???? Because, He loves ALL of us, without putting up man-made rules as a block, as a hindrance, or blinders or whatever words you want to use here. I would like to add — this is unconditional love on God’s part.

We use our feelings learned from childhood to put a slot in life as to who God is and what He believes and that is the way it is. Who started to write the rules down, to hobble our thinking? Who was it that thinks they have an inside track with God and how He thinks?

Ten Thousand years ago, there was only ONE God, the god of the Universe, as there is today. We as humans got around to putting names and faces to Him. We created what we thought how He is and how He performs. The ancient traveler, prayed to this God and he called him names. Names like Moon God, Cow God, Harvest God, and the list goes on. We gave Him a face with a flowing beard and chiseled features showing strength and wisdom, as shown on a chapel ceiling in Rome. We tried to make Him as human as we could at times. We show God as Jesus Christ, as a handsome man with flowing locks and grandeur stature (looking like the ideal movie star portraying Him). Why, because we are human and want to do so, to make us feel good.

I do NOT know how God thinks about this, but can only imagine. We are innocent human children of His and we act it out daily. We act out the need to do so. We use God as an excuse for our actions at times and He does not condone what we do, only observes. I wonder, are we so really stupid or think we are so highly intelligent that we know what God thinks? Reading Scripture of the Holy Bible, I see passages (especially in the Old Testament) whereas they are written down as God’s thoughts and decrees. But are they just stories handed down over time? Perhaps!

I have other thoughts, but will leave you with these to contemplate, ponder, and if you wish reply and give me your thoughts about what I have written. Remember this though, God loves you, ALL of us, without reservation, regardless of what we think or say, or do !!!!!

Den Betts

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