HATE 2015-32

This is such a negative word or at least of describing a way of life. Reading the paper or watching the TV makes me think of headlines of actions taken by individuals that had pure hate toward their fellow man and did something. Something that made them stand out and be reported on by the media. I do not know if I have ever hated something or someone that bad, but maybe it was close. I hope not!   

                             HATE  2015-32

A festering boil in

The mind itself,

Destroying all rational

Understanding in life

Black thoughts becoming

The only way of existence

Energy concentrated

In deleterious charges

A manifestation

Of pure evil

Red rage of burning

Rancor in control

No compromise, no second

Opinions or differences desired

All consuming, less

Outlets of good

Compassion forgotten,

Not known, not given

An insidious control

Of body and soul

Den Betts