Apathy 2015-09

I was at a meeting and a person said, “Why don’t they do something about – – – – “. I thought about it and realized, that person was the one that COULD do something. How many things do we look at and say the same thing or just shake our heads and wonder?

We see things and they register in our mind, but the act of doing is missing. Most of us are guilty of this “apathy” of thought over the course of our lives, perhaps NOT daily though, but at times. Some things are beyond our immediate way of doing, but some are capable of us getting involved. Such is life!!!!

            Apathy  2015-09

The lack of feelings or emotions

I am told is the meaning, but not all

Is meant by so few of words.

It is the seeing a beggar on a street

Or a dying neighbor you will never again meet

The scoundrel of a politician elected on and on

Or drug busts downtown, not here you state, relief

The high school terrors in the halls, care less now

Your kids are through and gone, thank God you say.

A drunkard lying in the gutter, in his filth,

disgusting, why don’t they do something about it.

An unwed mother, out of school, only 16, when

will they learn, should have known better, right?

Don’t give a damn you say, not for you to take

care of their problems, enough of your own, let

alone take care of the world  besides.

The things you see now could be your own someday

and the one who cares less then, could be like you now

Care at least, do something besides exist for yourself

without any emotion of others and their plights.

There, but for grace of God goes I – – could be a fact

of life in a blink of an eye

Den Betts

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