Human-Animal 2015-08

I originally wrote this poem right after the horror in NYC at the World Trade Center and thought then, WHAT kind or type of human could do things like they do, to each other. We, as humans, are so inhuman to each other at times. Indeed, lower animals that are looked down on, could, if they were able to, call US the true animalistic specie on Earth. They basically kill for food, in most cases, and not for the reasons we do as humans. I post this today, due to the terror killing in France of journalists.

Human-Animal      2015-08

The human with the high developed brain,

Supposed to be the most intelligent animal.

Doing things to self and others in many ways

That go beyond belief and understanding

Newscasts describe the horrors that happen,

Graphic in ways that boggle the mind.

Lower species struggle for survival,

Not killing for power, greed or envy.

They if with thought, would think with dismay,

Why they are classified for their sub-human actions.

We as humans should be ashamed in a way

For thinking of ourselves as the most supreme.

There is no excuse for this treating of each other.


Den Betts

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