Y in the Road 2018-53

Y in the Road  2018-53

A “Y” in the road to ponder about, contemplate and think about.

Which way to go, and, do we think of, what will happen if the one we take is wrong?

What will be, will not be, if the other is trodden instead!

At the end, an always present way of life will occur.


Feet stir up dust of memories, not realized from the path not taken,

Creating puddles of dust by the door, not opened.

A journey begins with a decision, and a decision not made, affects the outcome.

Tis not easy to live with a bad judgement, but, better to make a dubious one than not at all.


Sometimes we get a second chance of life to retrace our path, and with the retread, a better life will

prevail, with not much time or effort wasted; hopefully!

BUT, not taking a chance, insures no guarantee that our lives will be improved,

The journey begins with one step, then another, and finally,

An end to the mysteries of life will prevail.


The mysteries! Something to think about, something to actually do, to experience. What will be the

outcome of we change our ways of life, or at least modify them? We can become complacent in life and

continue down the road of mediocrity and do the same old things the same old way.   OR, we can burst

out of our shell that keeps us imprisoned in a life style of everyday similar experiences. 


This can be scary, or at least, intimidating. To not try something because of the risk of failure or feeling

that we will not succeed or become different is normal, but if we do not become what we want, then so

what!!!!  We tried, and in the trying, we might become better than what we are today.

Something to think about!!!!!!!



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Sleep Like Death 2018-52

Sleep like Death    2018-52


When we retire at night and finally go to sleep, is this like when we die? When we do not dream, we are existing in a lockout of feelings and sensorial input. We do NOT have our normal senses having any input which would affect us in some way.

We do NOT smell the roses in the room, hear the clock tick, feel the covers tickling our ear, see the fly on the wall, taste the mouthwash we used before bed, or have any emotional feelings to dwell on our mind.   We are, in essence, in a dark void of being.

Is this like death, or nonexistence in relation to living such as the “long sleep” of life or slumber? I don’t think so, of course.  Perhaps it would look the same to someone observing us in sleep who could compare our inert body to one that is dead.

In sleep mode, there is an awakening (hopefully). In that time frame, our eyes open and the realization of life continues. I believe, that, when we die and are definitely dead, we also have an awakening, but in a different way.

We do not have a body shell to have and experience the earthly senses.  We do not have the pains, if any before, that the body had as a human existence. Nor do we now have the other sensorial stimulations. Our “being” is now a soul, based entity, that does not require the senses, but does have the feelings of the mind we had and memories of Self.

Our capabilities, as such, will evolve and they will be enhanced. We will not be strumming on harps, while floating on a fluffy cloud in the sky. Instead, we have entered the realm of being that is truly unknown to us.

I cannot know how it is after we pass on to continue our journey, but I hope and pray it will be a wonderful occurrence, which we all will like and appreciate. I could add that there is a stated cost involved and is written in the Scripture gospels, which detail exactly what is expected.

My journey to get closer to God, is a long time and term commitment and one that involves my doing things that I never did before. It is a wonderful trip of life that makes me feel better in ways I never imagined. It gives me peace about myself that I never expected and a feeling towards others that I never had before. I now have insight about many things that were foreign to me in the past and that is sort of great.  So, there are benefits to becoming a follower of God that has ramifications unknown and I would never have experienced them unless I took the first step of the journey. Thanks be to God!!!


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From the Past to the Future and Beyond 2018-51

From the Past to the Future & Beyond 2018- 

We know of our existence of when and where we are NOW; that is evident! We breathe in the present and with expelling, the lung vapors become the past; the past of what was in life.

The past is what was, for us, of course.  All the hopes then, of what will be, are now the history of what our wish to be was and perhaps, is now, not…. (OK, a little confusing, but continue)

We hang onto our dreams of those things that might be, hopefully…  Nobody can take our dreams away, only us. When our dreams become something in the yesterday of our lives, they cannot be brought back. They remain aspirations of what will become and what will not become, and the choice is ours. The key to our dreams becoming reality is what we do in the present. 

Up – Down – Left – Right –  Forward or Backward are decisions of how we can change what is now to become what it is in the past.

Our past will always be there to remind us of what was in life.  We own it!!! Our future has not yet occurred, so we are in control of it, to a degree.

The present is what we control, to make the future dreams again, become a reality.  The present is but a Nano-second of time, between the past and the future.

Time is something to cherish.  IT should be spent wisely with forethought, before making a commitment in doing something that might change our lives forever.

Using the present to bemoan the past is wasteful and does no good. Redirecting the present to make a change for the future, may well reap benefits beyond imagination.

The future is waiting so, once more, use time wisely and use the past as a time frame type reference for knowledge today and as a learning tool in life for tomorrow. But, the present, although fleeting, is where we can create what we want and make our dreams become the way of life.

What we believe in for the past, is also a precursor to the future, or at least, a continuation of life to a degree. I do NOT know, have NO insight as to how our past actions or beliefs WILL affect our existence, and that is a fact.  So, does our past beliefs that have been succeeded by our present beliefs in God, now dictate how our future will aspire for us?  I will state for the record, not sure, but think I know!!

We could have been unbelievers then, but by turning that around 180 degrees, we could now have a different aspect of living. With a new way of thinking of both our being and of a higher being, this may give us an extension to join with the Extreme Being of the Universe – God.

This will involve not just an end to our earthly existence, but instead welcome us to a hereafter of continuation of life.  Not necessarily as the human form we inhabit now on earth, but a soul driven state of intellect, beyond comprehension. I welcome this adventure sometime and look at this as something to experience. 


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Being Truthful/ Honest 2018-50

Being Truthful/Honest   2018-50                                            4-28-18 Post

Truth is tied in with honesty, but both can be difficult to acknowledge and live with in life. I would think that we MUST be honest, when we say we are truthful.

It is my opinion that many people are NOT always honest with others and, in essence, not truthful at times in our dealings with those others. Perhaps we THINK we are, when we are not; something to think about, I guess. I MUST include myself in this, because of my being human and subject to  life’s foibles .  Is not saying something to a person lying by omission? Yeh, probably or absolutely……

This may be a defense to protect ourselves from “the others” or in effect, hide from the truth when we are communicating our thoughts.

On the other hand, we could be “too truthful” in our discussions. Who would want to be told that the mole on the end of the nose of “the other” looks hideous. Too much truth can hurt people emotionally and that would be cruel by telling the truth as YOU see it.

BUT, being honest in a good way can be helpful also.  Maybe the other needs to hear the truth at times, which could help them in the long run. I don’t know if someone would “want” to be lied to instead of hearing a factual truthful thought, but perhaps so.

On the other hand, after having a horrible accident that left me with some memory loss, I found that NOT telling outright lies was beneficial to me; I did not have to remember lies.  I was then subject to having anyone say I said something where I did not.  Did this happen? Not that I am aware of, which tells a lot about those I deal with; all great people. IF someone did lie to me, on purpose of course, I would be mortified and my feelings toward that person would degrade to the lowest of a low point in life. 

I also believe that with being truthful and honest, lends itself to being respected.  If someone is truthful and it is known that they can be depended on to be accurate to all, they would earn respect by many. We are dealing with someone today that lies a lot and I do not respect that person at all. For one thing lies can be found out so easily that to do so, is just plain stupid. It is sad in a way.

If everyone were to be honest with others, it would be a different world. I, myself, want the truth, and may resent hearing it, but in the long run, I can deal with it and its ramifications.


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Troubled Waters 2018-48

Troubled Waters   2018-48

The troubled waters of life can sometimes be overwhelming. Some person can say, “Bear with it or Deal with it” or any words to, guide us in our misery. 

When a catastrophic event to us happens we might also hear, “I know how you feel!”   That is NUTS! They do NOT have any idea how we feel at that moment. Maybe a little, but not the whole feeling we are experiencing.

If I want to wallow in self-pity, that is up to me and I will own that feeling! I can appreciate concern for my mental wellbeing, and still thank them for their concern, truly.  You MAY have empathy for me and that is great, but my feelings are mine and again, I own them.

I believe I have gotten pretty good at hiding my true feelings. It does not bother me if others are privy to how I feel though.

Due to a past accident event in my life involving a brain injury, I continually have a “buzz like” feeling that could be compared to a tipsy feeling all the time in my head/brain.  It is somewhat controlled, but is something I live with daily. My wife is acutely aware of this, and other factors that make up my daily existence.

Why tell this?  I started by mentioning about “I know how you feel” people make to others about things like this.  I say, “No, you do NOT know!”  So, do not use these words, use some other expression instead. Your compassion, your hopeful love, your empathy is what anyone with the turmoil of troubled waters,  would rather hear.                                                                          

My God, our God, knows how I feel as well as others having feelings of desolation due to an event. I pray to God for the Holy Spirit to be with me, to console me, to comfort me in those times that are troubling. I can feel His presence and with that feeling, the negative becomes the feeling of consolation, and THAT IS GOOD!!

It is difficult to describe an easy way to have God become closer to us in our lives, but it is a process that is possible. It is more than flipping a light switch, but instead is something like taking stepping stones towards getting closer to God, to the one God of the Universe.

I have no doubts that there is a God, for I KNOW there is one, the Triune God that is Alive, Active, Aware, and Present – ALWAYS.

Ever since the event, long ago now, which I call “The Happening”, the “I think” became “I know” regarding my belief in God and with that, a different existence became the norm in my life.

The quest to get closer to God has become my goal and I continue in this journey. May the love of God be with you, to all of you, in your life, regardless of your faith, beliefs, religion, and all those things that make up our lives.


Den Betts           bettsden@gmail.com

Promises 2018-47

We all make promises with the hope that they will come to fruition, with positive thoughts of anticipation. To do otherwise is NOT the thing to do, even if most of us are guilty of thinking somewhat negative at times.  To not be positive is, perhaps, a sure way of experiencing the negative thoughts to arrive and occur.

Promises  2018-47

A politician saying what he will,

Again, again and once more again,

A bride and groom at the altar,

Making a forever wish

A soldier going off to a war,

With words of the expectation of return

A rainbow in the mist and sun,

Saying no more floods.

A promise, each made with deceit, love

Hope and Faith.


Den Betts    bettsden@gmail.com