Banning Abortions

                Banning Abortions

I ask —– What next?

If the birth child is NOT wanted, then what happens?

Is the child taken to a fire department building and left there, or to a church, or an ER doorway? OR, does the back alley abortions return and become an answer?

If the banning results in a birth, how is the child to be cared for from infancy to adulthood?

A ward of the state, an overburdened foster care system, an orphanage with many other unwanted children?

Where do the funds come from to address this problem? Higher taxes, of course, is an answer but not towards the whole problem.

Find out who is the mother AND the father and somehow require them to pay, or make the father responsible for an 18 year time period, HA!!!! or put the arm on the grandparents, nah!!!!

The many economic issues will be another problem overall for society and the mother who will be mostly low-income mothers.     

The banning of abortions without considering the overall ramifications is irresponsible, shortsighted, and just plain stupid!

Besides being an affront to every female that should be in control of their own bodies this issue should not be left in the hands of mostly white, well to do, asshole politicians.


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