Tranquility Feeling

Tranquility Feeling

I now travel through life as I have stated before, on a journey that has a known and unknown aspect to it. My life is like looking through a microscope that has a telescope interchangeable lens. Weird…

The unknown at times becomes known to a degree, and the knowns have some murky attributes to them.

Many beliefs have been shattered and are feeling unsettled, while I am in awe of mysteries that have revealed themselves. I can accept those that I believed in and are now helping a fictional substance in my mind.

I feel at peace in knowing some of the items in my mind that were so foreign, now hold me in a state of bliss. Again, weird…

I meditate daily and enter a zone of Self, and contemplate my life’s existence, plus spend time communing with the one God of the Universe. Not weird………..

I believe the beauty of nature, the expressions of love to things and one another are foremost in my mind. The newsworthy happenings that occur daily are not important in reality.

We exist by what we are and become, based on how we are to others.

So be it.


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