Hunter 2018-21

I would think that if you have ever hunted, you are still a hunter to a degree. This would be the same as, if once a Marine, always a Marine type analogy.   I did hunt, I dressed and ate what I hunted and killed. I do NOT do so now, but time and age changes many of us. I wrote this when I was an active hunter, living on farmland in Chardon, Oh, area. I was an NRA member, and appreciated this group at the time, but since then, have gotten away from this now political group.

Hunter 2018-21

An honorable sport and
as a meat eater a satisfying one
that goes beyond the kill

The essence of hunting is not in the kill,
but the scouting, stalking, setup, stealthiest,
and mechanics of doing everything correctly

It is the aiming, the controlled breathing, the
the hold of the weapon, and squeeze of the trigger
that is part of the sport of hunting

It is not the actual kill of the game that can
be eaten and enjoyed like those meat eaters that
go to fast food places and eat the meat killed by others

I respect the animals I kill and try hard
to do so with accurate and humane shots
that lessen any suffering by the killed game

When I eat those animals, I commune with nature
as fulfilling an experience that goes back
to primeval times of my forefathers

I am a hunter, not a wanton killer of wildlife, and feel that
what I do is indeed honorable, and I am indeed part of wildlife
management of harvesting nature’s bounty

I respect those that feel different, for whatever reasons,
but also think that what I believe should be also
respected, if not agreed with by others

I am good at what I do in the wildness of the land
for I have the experience, the know-how of doing
that, which I am — I am a Hunter

Den Betts