Who, What and Where is God 2017-46

Who, What, and Where is God? 2017-46

For a believer, that might be a stupid question! Or NOT!

In reality, God called himself, “I am”, as told to Moses of the Hebrew Bible by saying “I am who I am”. The Hebrews called Him YAHWEH, and some have spelled it as JEHOVAH, incorrectly, as it is said by some.

Regardless, God spoke of Himself as “I am” and when others speak of Him it is interpreted as “He is”, which I interject as a point of interest.

When I pray to God, I thank Him for His Glory and say, “Dear Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, the one God of the Universe and continue thanking Him for the blessings He has bestowed on me, which are many, many, many.
Let me continue with an interesting (?) thing about this prayer. I have someone I know, who is an Atheist, who states, “There can be no God of the Universe, it is TOO BIG! There are stars with planets and He cannot be the God of ALL of them.” He continued,” If He made people in His image, like on Earth, what about elsewhere in the Universe; are they human in appearance?”

Well, since I am not a stellar traveler, I could not state a reply, with facts, in response. I did answer with, “Because He is God!” I wrote before on the subject “The Faces of Jesus Christ 2017-35” where I suggested that Jesus would have the face and ethnicity of who he was speaking with at the time. Perhaps that is true with God, regarding a planet having intelligent beings that look like something we cannot even imagine and call the one God of the Universe their God. He would be in their image and they would think of God in this way, looking like them.

God is the “I am”. God is the Creator, and God is everywhere; period. He loves us unconditionally and looks at all of us as His children. He is alive, He is active, He is aware, and always present to us.

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“I AM” 2017-40

                                                               “I AM”    2017-40

Where do we state what we are today?  Do we make a declarative statement of who we are, and how we are? Are we brave enough to say what we believe in, and more importantly, live the life of what and how we believe?

What is “I AM” and how does this relate?  Way long time ago, a man-God, named Jesus, stated this. Jesus said, “I AM” and in fact, He WAS and STILL Is, what He said! As God revealed Himself as “I AM who I AM”, His Son let it be known that He was also, “I AM”, as a divine name equating Himself with the “I AM” title God gave Himself, to Moses, centuries before.

Moses was a reluctant man, not ready to do the will of God, and questioned just who God was at the time. God had to identify Himself as being the divine being to Moses and stated, “I AM” to Moses and still Moses kept questioning Him. This can be read in Exodus regarding Moses, and in the Book of John about Jesus and His “I AM” statements, especially in John 14:6 where Jesus said, I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.

So, how or what does this mean to me?  I can state I am a husband, a father, a son, or many other things, but more than that and more important to me, is where I say this:

I declare a fact that “I am” a child of God! I do NOT hinge or deviate from this fact, but instead proudly state this, as I said, a fact, not a supposition of life.

I therefore say, “Do NOT try to force me to say otherwise, for I willingly say, “I am”. I do not even hint of my being anything other than a child of God, and nothing more. I feel others can make the same claim, and go further by reiterating their beliefs in a divine being that created all of us.

As such, do not try to tempt me, for “I am” and will not be tempted by you or anyone else, from my beliefs in God or what He means to me.

Do know, that “I am” and anything like greed, wealth, riches, and any material things cannot sway me in my beliefs, because I cannot be bought and cannot be changed on how I feel toward God, my Creator.

Also, do realize that, because “I am”, nothing you can say, do or show me, will change my mind; for what you think is what you think, and may not be what I think.

I say this, “to you Mr. Devil, the evil one — be aware that “I am” baptized and am immune to your wishes, your desires that are not what I want — ever, and I will reject you, I will fight you, I will not accept your evil presence around me —- ever!!!!!

For listen again, “I am, I am, – forever more, I am, and always will be a child of God, loving Him, being a student disciple of Jesus Christ and enjoying the presence of His love. God, the Almighty, is alive, He is aware, He is active and foremost, His presence is with me always.

Den Betts                            bettsden@gmail.com

Walking on Earth 2016-49

As one that KNOWS there is a Triune God, I wrote this yesterday when I was thinking of my Being and where I am in life. I was blessed, one time, with some knowledge that goes beyond the norm and with that insight, I can relate to what I have written below:

Walking on Earth 2016-49

We walk on Earth as land locked beings;

Our existence, like a quest for knowledge.

We try to separate reality from fiction

Looking for the reasons of– why we are

Our lives have the

Convolutes of true knowledge

Mixed with the absolutes of life

Do we owe our existence to a Creator

That observes and judges– per our actions?

Are we, but organisms

That are born, exist, and then die?

OR, can we look forward to a life

Beyond, just that existence?

AND relish a blissful way of living,

That goes on and on and on?

Words spoken, promises made, with

Each of us to find out individually

At the given time in the future…………

Should we ALL consider the consequences

Of making the wrong awareness ??????

Den Betts