Who, What and Where is God 2017-46

Who, What, and Where is God? 2017-46

For a believer, that might be a stupid question! Or NOT!

In reality, God called himself, “I am”, as told to Moses of the Hebrew Bible by saying “I am who I am”. The Hebrews called Him YAHWEH, and some have spelled it as JEHOVAH, incorrectly, as it is said by some.

Regardless, God spoke of Himself as “I am” and when others speak of Him it is interpreted as “He is”, which I interject as a point of interest.

When I pray to God, I thank Him for His Glory and say, “Dear Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, the one God of the Universe and continue thanking Him for the blessings He has bestowed on me, which are many, many, many.
Let me continue with an interesting (?) thing about this prayer. I have someone I know, who is an Atheist, who states, “There can be no God of the Universe, it is TOO BIG! There are stars with planets and He cannot be the God of ALL of them.” He continued,” If He made people in His image, like on Earth, what about elsewhere in the Universe; are they human in appearance?”

Well, since I am not a stellar traveler, I could not state a reply, with facts, in response. I did answer with, “Because He is God!” I wrote before on the subject “The Faces of Jesus Christ 2017-35” where I suggested that Jesus would have the face and ethnicity of who he was speaking with at the time. Perhaps that is true with God, regarding a planet having intelligent beings that look like something we cannot even imagine and call the one God of the Universe their God. He would be in their image and they would think of God in this way, looking like them.

God is the “I am”. God is the Creator, and God is everywhere; period. He loves us unconditionally and looks at all of us as His children. He is alive, He is active, He is aware, and always present to us.

Den Betts                                              Comments, questions at bettsden@gmail.com

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