Walking on Earth 2016-49

As one that KNOWS there is a Triune God, I wrote this yesterday when I was thinking of my Being and where I am in life. I was blessed, one time, with some knowledge that goes beyond the norm and with that insight, I can relate to what I have written below:

Walking on Earth 2016-49

We walk on Earth as land locked beings;

Our existence, like a quest for knowledge.

We try to separate reality from fiction

Looking for the reasons of– why we are

Our lives have the

Convolutes of true knowledge

Mixed with the absolutes of life

Do we owe our existence to a Creator

That observes and judges– per our actions?

Are we, but organisms

That are born, exist, and then die?

OR, can we look forward to a life

Beyond, just that existence?

AND relish a blissful way of living,

That goes on and on and on?

Words spoken, promises made, with

Each of us to find out individually

At the given time in the future…………

Should we ALL consider the consequences

Of making the wrong awareness ??????

Den Betts

One thought on “Walking on Earth 2016-49

  1. If I do not believe in the promises of Jesus, that a better life awaits, one with the Father, and that I am forgiven for my sins of ommission and commission, then one day is no better than another. I believe I need to see Jesus in others, as well as reflect Him in my being. I need to show my faith and belief after I leave Celebration, or wherever I am worshipping—-even my own backyard. Thoughts get so screwed up today—and everyday, for that matter, and need me to find time for just the Good Shepherd and me to talk.

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