Catalyst 2015-36

Catalyst    2015-36  

How many people do we know that are Catalysts? Do they affect people, but not really themselves in the process? How do they do so, and what affect overall do they make?

Being and sounding wise, without any effort to do so? Not taking a definite stance, but creating a definite way of life.  Questions, but perhaps no really good answers……..     


A person-thing of no change, but one that changes,

To alter a mindset of opinion, yet remain neutral.

A devils advocate that pleads a case for itself,

One that allows prejudice to be a foreign entity.

An observer of life, one that sees and listens,

And comments on the scene that has been seen.

A buffer between factions, ideals; open to all,

But allowed not to become a joiner of any.

A Solomon in wisdom, without the decision-making,

The sage of the hill, creating thought to others,

A person behind the action, not a part;

Creating inspiration and change for good or bad

Not affected by their actions, but affecting those they touch,

Creating a change again, and in the process making transformations

Den Betts

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