Unique Concept of God’s Thoughts 2018-98

Unique Concept of God’s Thoughts   2018-98

He is NOT particularly looking for quantity, but instead quality of love of Him by mankind for entry into His Kingdom by the humans that inhabit Earth.  Wow, what a concept?!

If it is NOT about the amount of people that are saved and enter in the Kingdom of God, then the ballgame has changed for those living here.  No longer does He expect a multitude of humans to enter into the Kingdom, but only ones that profess their love of Him and devotion to Jesus Christ their Savior.

Hmmmm! This puts a different perspective as to how the Kingdom is filled and how He believes those that enter will be included.

What about those that do NOT believe, do not love His Son, Jesus and are just satisfied with the years on Earth that they will experience, and not really interested in eternal life? 

Well, they made a choice and even thought they were told through the Scriptures how to live, He gave them free will to decide how to live and how to believe in Him, the Triune God of the Universe.

This is somewhat hard to fathom and understand as it is not what I thought or believe.

I have heard or was told, that God loves ALL, but am not sure if that love equates with acceptance into the Kingdom. This is especially true if some, do not accept Him, reject Him or deny Him in any way; just do not know!!!

Does NOT knowing about this make me feel any better? No!!!

I would like (I think) to believe that God accepts ALL His children into the Kingdom, but have a hard time doing so, with knowing that not only are some non-believers, but also some are very bad people on top of it, while here on Earth.

Therefore, I will accept that not everyone will be enjoying eternal life with God in His Kingdom but feel sad for those left behind. Then I ask, where is behind?


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