Life is a Dime 2018-37

Life and a Dime  2018-37

Life is like a dime!  There are two sides to it

And many of us are predisposed to one side.


Some think this way and others the other way.

And not many in the middle; the edge.


Our beliefs are what they are, or

What they became, through life experiences.


What we hold dear to our hearts is not

What others have in their minds and actions


Both of us could be correct, in a strange

Sort of way; or wrong as it may be.


Regardless, we feel as we do and do

As we feel, at times, right or wrong.


It WOULD be great if we COULD talk

Rationally with one another; no discord


We MIGHT be able to solve many

Problems of the world; together


Do I think this is possible; NO!

We are scorpions; we are what we are


That is too bad; that is sad; what then

Are we faced with in life?


Den Betts

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