Pray, Listen, Talk with God 2018-10

Pray, Listen, Talk with God  2018-10


Talking with God is Praying – How many of us pray with forethought and in the correct way?

Hearing from God is Listening – How many of us do this, really listen for Him to speak?

Conversing with God is Praying, Hearing/Listening and Talking – How many of us hear and listen?


God is there and waiting for us to pray, hear, listen and converse with Him!

His plan is known if we read of it in the Scriptures of the Bible.

The Word is His word in the Bible and gospels, which allow us to know what we should do.

For today, it takes each of us to pray with forethought, to listen for His word and in the listening, to hear Him speak to us.

Not easy, but possible to do so, and it takes some effort. It also takes trust.  Trust after knowledge that it is possible. 

Then understanding.  Understanding that what you hear is what you hear – your God speaking to YOU!

Then compliance.  To comply with what you hear and now understand as being His Word.

And, this takes time and Work, or, at least, effort!!!

It takes time to reach the point where you believe what you hear is the God of the Universe and not a made-up fiction of inside your mind. It takes work to prepare yourself for the experience of hearing and excluding fabrications of non-God thoughts.

And, that takes Faith.  Faith in the Creator, that He hears your prayers.  Faith that He, after hearing from you, has spoken to YOU!

Then, after listening and knowing you have heard from Him:

The Knowledge that you can converse with your maker on a One on One relationship with Him. Wow, what an experience to have with God!

Glory be to God in the Highest and Peace on Earth and you.


Den Betts