One Chance 2017-47

ONE CHANCE   2017-47

If we have one chance at life on Earth before we are gone elsewhere:


What mark will we make, now, today, or tomorrow?

Is there something we can do that we will be somewhat proud of and be remembered?

OR, are there many things we will do that result in nothing to be recalled, but instead be forgotten as being unworthy to be recollected?

Can our existence of the Self, with the now, the present, be changed in a way that others will comment on our accomplishments, our fulfilled goals, and esteemed actions, which will make a difference to others as well as to ourselves?

We have one chance (our lifetime) to do this something, to go beyond the norm, to create a memorable experience that will make a difference in life, for us, and for others.

Where do we stand on issues, on actions and where do we belong to the elite group of people that have done so many things that make a difference.

Den Betts