Lament of a Doubter &UB Person 2015-102

 Lament of a Doubter & UB Person   2015-102

Perhaps lament is too strong of a word to use, but I do so anyhow. What do I mean?  I have written about a doubter of God in the past, as one who does have doubts of the authenticity of His existence and therefore cannot say they are a complete and absolute believer.

We all doubt, including me. There are times that I feel doubt about God where I hear of an instance where I feel God could have helped the situation. That is normal, I believe, and not a true doubting thought, just a thought at the time.

That being said, I state that I AM a believer of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, amen…. I have no qualms of saying this, as that is what I believe; period…  Some do not have this feeling and could be called doubters, or just un-believers.

This is, I feel, a common thought process and this subject could be discussed at length, but I am thinking more of the Lament of a Doubter. Again, what do I mean? I do not know if I am correct, but could be, and it would be up to the individual doubters to renounce my thoughts.

Here goes! Does a doubter feel that they are correct in thinking that God does NOT exist? I would think they do so, and that is a normal thought.  I speak in general terms of what a doubter may think, so forgive me, for now.

The un-believer (UB for short) thinks he is correct in his thoughts. Many UB people state that there is no proof of God’s existence and feel they are correct. Many use science as a way of trying to proving their beliefs, even though some scientific deductions cannot do so.

Now, does the UB feel that he is right and does this thought go from now until he dies. When he dies is he just dead and nothing else?  Good thoughts on their part, or deductions made, because there is NO proof in their eyes.

My thoughts are this: what if the UB is wrong and God knows they are UB people?

So, this comes to the thought that the UB somewhat has to put up with all the Believers out there and the things they do because of their belief.

The UB is harassed with Christmas songs from almost October through December each year.  They have 40 days of Lent to hear about Jesus Christ and the Crucifixion during Lent.  They are required to pass all kinds of churches, synagogues and mosques on the way to work.  They have people wearing crosses everywhere they go.  The TV has programs like AD that tell the story of Jesus.

You get the picture!  The UB people are surrounded by all kinds of Godly things and happenings daily and there is nothing they can do about it.  It would drive me crazy, knowing that I did not believe in something and have to put up with all the trappings of those that do believe.

Do they actually lament on having to live with all the religious hoopla that goes on in the name of God? I don’t know, but I would if I was a un-believer of God.

There really is NO way for a doubter or UB to express themselves in their non-beliefs.  There is Facebook, but that is a limited crowd and I doubt if many would sign up as a friend if they were active believers. There has to be some way that they can get across to the believers that God is not alive, not active and His Presence is not with us today.

When I read about a UB that makes statements to the news or other media about the absence of God I keep hearing them go over and over about the negative thoughts, like they have something to prove to the world. Can they just shut up and not believe in their disbelief?   What do they have to prove? That they are right, in their minds? They cannot do that, because I can ask them for absolute proof, which is not possible to get from them.  They might want God to do something special, but God does not work that way. It would really tick me off, if I went through life as a doubter or UB person and found out that I lived a life that way, but was wrong. Blasé Pascal, a Christian philosopher – 1623-1662, had a saying that is called Pascal’s Wager, which, in essence, had a unique idea to believe in God and I will encourage you to look it up and consider it.

God allows us to believe or not believe; simple as that.  It is up to us, as individuals, to believe in the  Triune God and if someone does not; so be it.  Time will tell.

Den Betts

2 thoughts on “Lament of a Doubter &UB Person 2015-102

  1. I am a Christian and a doubter. Doubt is not the opposite of unbelief but a part of believing. To quote a song: “I know Jesus is real, I doubt him all the time”


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