GLORB 2015-86


When I first revisited this, I first thought it was going to be a humorous one that I wrote, but soon found otherwise. Will we, as inhabitants of this large planet Earth, let things go this route, or continue to disregard the subtle signs of man’s ignoring what we are doing to the domain we live in? OK, the name is sort of weird, I admit…….

GLORB  2015-86 

Such, may be the bones withering to yellow dust

With seagulls flying by with reddened eyes

The smokestack spews forth sulfurous spume

As fish look for something no longer there


An oozy quagmire bubbles and ferments – almost alive

Created by the one most vulnerable by its presence – man!

The lonely toad belches forth a rumble of noise

Hearing instead only an echo of itself – puzzled


So big a world, so gigantic – never fear it was said

A lie, a misconception found out too late

Such may be the bones of all some day

Turning to dust in the eerie somber light


GLORB to GLORB and dust to dust!!!!!

Den Betts

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