Inspire Thyself 2015-85


Maybe I should become a “Life Coach” and give advice to others, as a job in retirement! (Probably would not pay well for me!) This speaks like one, and I believe I wrote it when I was trying to give myself a pep talk or something. Anyhow, it makes some sense on how we should turn around our thinking on the doing of life….

Inspire Thyself   2015-85


Step out of the shadows

Of the mind; the fog of

Misunderstanding. Pierce

The veil with reality of

Comprehension and

Clear thought.


Sweep away the cobwebs

Of not knowing,

The stumbling

Blocks that create

The barriers

Of full belief


Jump over the walls

That hinder progress

And zoom, fly and

Speed past

The obstacles

That get in your way.


Don’t look back at

The fallen debris,

But instead, forge

Ahead, to a better

Enlightened way.


The only thing holding

You back is you, not others,

So look in the mirror of your

Mind and let it know

What you want, and then


Den Betts

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