Evil Personified 2016-44 PART 1

Evil Personified 2016-44     PART 1


The other day (about 5-18 or 19th) another plane somehow dropped out of the sky, this time an Egyptian plan that came down in the Mediterranean Sea. It MAY have exploded, they say, but time will tell as to the why it came down.

Let’s say it was an act of terrorism as it has happened before.   I again, ask WHY!

Why does this occur if it is so? What purpose, other than just plain terror, do those that do these acts have for killing so many innocent people? What reason can they intelligently (?) give for doing such a horrendous terrible, ungodly act?

Most terrorism today, is done by extremist people of the Islam faith or so it seems. Not all, but most acts of horror appear to be people using religious type reasoning, or so it seems.

I would rather say that is bull crap. I have read about the words being yelled or stated, “Allahu Akbar”, the Islamic phrase in Arabic meaning “God is the greatest”. Now, I understand that Allahu is the nominative of Allah, meaning “God” and in Islam it is the proper name of God in Arabic. It is usually a battle cry in Islamist extremism or terrorism. It is NEVER mentioned in the Islamic Quran, but it is also used in times of joy, at births, deaths, and in prayers. So, it is known in many usages by Muslim people for various reasons.

After the September 11 attacks in 2001, the FBI released a letter reportedly handwritten by the cowardly hijackers and found in three separate locations on the day of the attacks—at Dulles International Airport, at the Pennsylvania crash site, and in hijacker Mohamed Atta‘s suitcase. It included a checklist of final reminders for the 9/11 hijackers. An excerpt reads: “When the confrontation begins, strike like champions who do not want to go back to this world. Shout, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ because this strikes fear in the hearts of the non-believers.” , To me it strikes disgust and revulsion. Also, in the cockpit voice recorders found at the crash site of Flight 93, the hijackers are heard reciting the Takbīr, or Arabic phrase Allahu Akbar, repeatedly as the plane plummets toward the ground and the passengers attempt to retake control of the plane. I just visited the Flight 93 Memorial in May of 2016 and looked at the planes normal occupants as PURE HEROES….

This battle cry by Jihadist cowards is a corruption of using the name of God (Allah) in the actions of evil. It has NO business, in my mind, in conjunction with perpetrating an unholy act of killing innocent people or any people at all. It is a common saying, but it MEANS NOTHING in relationship to God in this context; PERIOD!!!!!!

God, or whatever word is used to call Him, is the ONLY God of the Universe. He, God, does NOT want His name used as it is done so by Islamist terrorists. Where the common Islamic Arabic expression, used in various contexts by Muslims; in formal prayer, in the call for prayer as an informal expression of faith, in times of distress, or to express resolute determination became so common for use by terrorists is unknown. I say unknown, but it WAS reported to have been used by Muhammad  after a funeral, so it does go back to the founder of Islam.

I have read that the terrorists do use Islam and Allah (or God) as reasoning for their actions. This is another bull crap saying by those that are cowards. They may need justification for their actions and using God as reasoning is their way of rationalization.

Den Betts

END OF PART 1                   Part 2 to be published next day

HATE 2015-32

This is such a negative word or at least of describing a way of life. Reading the paper or watching the TV makes me think of headlines of actions taken by individuals that had pure hate toward their fellow man and did something. Something that made them stand out and be reported on by the media. I do not know if I have ever hated something or someone that bad, but maybe it was close. I hope not!   

                             HATE  2015-32

A festering boil in

The mind itself,

Destroying all rational

Understanding in life

Black thoughts becoming

The only way of existence

Energy concentrated

In deleterious charges

A manifestation

Of pure evil

Red rage of burning

Rancor in control

No compromise, no second

Opinions or differences desired

All consuming, less

Outlets of good

Compassion forgotten,

Not known, not given

An insidious control

Of body and soul

Den Betts