Lonely Heart 2018-33

This MIGHT be about someone with a mind-altering problem having thoughts. I looked at my father who had Alzheimer’s and this might have come to mind then. OR, it could have been me long ago, suffering from a TBI and knowing that something was wrong, but not understanding what, at the time.  The mind is unique and sometimes not easy to fathom..

Lonely Heart  2018-33

The lonely heart beats;  outside,

A songbird sings his song, nearby

The quarter hour chime of an old

Grandfather clock sounds loudly.

A sigh, a sob, as tears roll down

Cheeks in salty twin rivulets.

Perhaps a reason for emotion shown,

But only quiet sadness expressed.

Filtered light through paned

Glass reaching, touching,

A dusty smell lingers, competing

With a favorite pet odor.

Hands silently twist a lace kerchief,

Into a single strand,

Trying to relieve the tension

Held deep inside the bosom.

An overstuffed chair squeaks,

With well-worn discord, while,

Nearby a purring sound quietly

Lends its rhythmic cadence.

A word suddenly escapes, “Why?”

No answer expected, only asked, as

The lonely heart tries to keep pace,

With the tick tock, tick tock……

Den Betts         bettsden@gmail.com