TIME HEALS 2015-35

TIME HEALS    2015-35

I offer this writing for those that need help in coping or know someone who does need guidance! I wrote this after I had such a time of need and it helped me. This poem was published in a number of magazines over the years and I have given it to people that really needed the advice. It is somewhat generic for many instances of life and maybe we could all take its sayings to heart. This is probably one of my better endeavors of writing that has helped many people in the past and I like this one more than most.

TIME HEALS    2015-35

T    –    Time is not forever,

Hold on for a while longer my friend.

I    –     It could have been worse,

Concentrate on what you have, not what happened.

M   –   My God is near when needed,

He is there regardless, you have only to ask.

E    –               Enjoy life when you can,

Every moment of happiness is to be cherished.

*          *          *

H   –    Have a rest when needed,

Take it easy, slow down, sleep if you have to.

E    –   Everyone seems to care,

You have so many friends, all praying for you.

A    –   A cry is OK,

An outburst of emotion is good for you.

L    –    Learn to cope,

There are so many ways of doing things, try them.

S    –    Smile !!

The best advice you should take.


Den Betts