Life’s Questions 2018-60

We all have questions about life, to a degree, especially about life or the afterlife. It is great to have these questions, and doubting is a normal thing of existence. But, even if we do not get or have the answers, it is still a good thing to have questions.

Life’s Questions 2018-60


The equation in life is but a paradox,

It sits on the verge of reality.

A balance, a draw either way,

From knowing or being lost in a void.

Multitudes of signals transpire,

With highlights of supposition.

The answer is, but opinion,

One to be recognized for what it is.

It remains, as to who really knows all things,

Of life, with its totality of questions.

Only God knows for sure

the answers to what all ask, that all wonder.

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The Challenge 2017-02

                                     The Challenge  2017-02

The challenge is not in knowing the common element of being, but

The understanding of the mysteries of life is the greater quest to know.

To delve into the unknown questions given to us and realize the answers as

Realized, is an ultimate trip of life.

Not being afraid to question those unanswered thoughts and subjecting

Them to a detailed thinking process, is a goal worth trying for in life.

Not being afraid of the ultimate and final solution is an undertaking of complete confidence

By touching on the unknown abyss of thinking and arriving at the final solution.

This gives the seeker an untold advantage in life’s guidance of living the whole as one and the

 complete satisfaction is arrived at with only a complete filling of accomplishments

Den Betts