Hanging in There 2018-76

Hanging in There  2018-76

A simple expression that means so much to some people, but nothing to others. It tells us something, but, in reality, says nothing about us to anybody.

I learned to say this as a means of defense, or at least, a way of not having to explain how I actually was feeling at the time of saying it.

A neighbor, now long ago it seems, always was telling me, “You look great, how’s it going?” This was after my accident in my car, and after spending 7 weeks in the hospital and rehab, and experiencing a year in outpatient rehab at Lake West Hospital in Willoughby, OH.

I knew he was trying to make me feel good, but I finally said to him one day after his question, “Vic, I feel like shit, actually!”  The point is, I realized somewhat then, that I had to come up with a different response, therefore, “I’m hanging in there” became a common refrain to anyone asking or commenting on my condition, at that time period.

So, this has carried over to today and I still use it, when I have episodes that are a carryover from my time of over 25 years ago.  Still have them, will have them, life goes on regardless.

I am not being a smartass or vague or deceitful, but perhaps just somewhat honest. If that bothers any, well that is too bad and tuff; just deal with it. I do a decent job of surviving and interacting with others and try very hard to not be a whining, a feel sorry for self, person about a time in  my life, that changed my life forever.

My “Hanging in There” is the only concession I will allow myself to express how I feel. Therefore, I respectfully say again, deal with it.


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