Pain 2018-70

This brings me back to a time when things were NOT right, not good, and a period of my life where I was not capable of lucid thinking many times. I now think of those that suffer any debilitating injury and have to live with it daily.  I am now better, now capable, now more complete in my way of existing, but still have lingering feelings of before.

Pain  2018-70


It only hurts when I feel it,

But when it hurts I want to cry

At times I don’t care if I die

The feeling is one of true sensation.

It ebbs and flows with time,

It lets me know of needed rest

And tells me just how much,

By the pain in body and mind

Others don’t know of my torment,

The pain in the head and such,

How dare they think I am pain free,

And have no problem but me.

I wish they knew just how much is much,

My mind racked with this feeling

I don’t tell all, but should do so

Someday I will let the world know,

(Perhaps Now)

But now I’ll suffer in silence

The pain, my companion in life.


Den Betts



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