To Prioritize 2018-35

To do or not to do, that is the question or is it? How many times have I planned on doing something, but gee, it doesn’t get done?  Or, are we all, or most of us guilty of this lack of prioritizing things?  Oh, well, let me do something now, or later, or not at all; will see!!!!

To Prioritize  2018-35

A list made in order for things to be done today,

But which to do first or last or not – I can’t say

To do or not to do is not the question, but

More important, which to do first – Perhaps

The hard ones up front, easy ones last – I guess

OR, the important ones now, the least later – I digress


A list can be made in random order to

Accomplish or succeed before things get worse

The key is not the way I put them down on paper

A real test of my list is how I do them proper

To prioritize, to put in order, logically and


With the best timing and expenditure of effort

But, what good is a list, if I don’t get them done

And, say to myself, at best, I would rather read the list

Than do the list, and make an excuse to others


Why I don’t prioritize, if you get the gist…..

Den Betts                      

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