Winter Trek 2018-22

How many snowstorms have I made in a car, when I wished I WAS home by a fireplace with nothing to worry about what is going on outside. Especially, not having to drive in the white maelstrom, and no worries of myself or others that I love.   BRRRrrrrrrrr!!!!!     It is Feb 27 and winter is on its way to being past, and thought I might post this as part of a winter remembrance.   Actually, wish I DID, still,  have a fireplace in this condo………

Winter Trek   2018-22

Windswept snow

forming sporadic whiteouts;

challenging dim headlights

stabbing through hazy swirls


Compressing, confining,

twin valleys of miniature mountains

piled high by metal monsters –stand high


Inside the capsule, white knuckles

furrowed brow and squinting eyes

peer at ghosts of whiteness ahead


Tenseness filling the air

with quickened breath;

Ice islands, snow covered,

near skids, heartbeats missed


Exhalation with thought;

reward of hot chocolate,

blankets and a crackling fireplace

waiting beyond the chill


Faint light filtering ahead,

a final turn

familiar beacon shining

home again, home again

journey done; reward to be taken.



Den Betts

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