Honesty 2017-48

Honesty    2017-48


 Honesty!  An easy word, but sometimes hard to put into practice!

Sometimes it is just being honest with ourselves, and other times it is with others that we have to, or maybe should, be honest with them, in the scope of things.

OK, I have two things going here, Self and Others. 

Self:  We can try to be as honest with ourselves as much as we can be, but it just doesn’t happen sometimes. We want to believe we are, but are not.  Normal…

We deceive ourselves in thinking we are being upfront with ourselves, but when we look back we can see that we were not. 

Some examples:  Perhaps I am realizing that I MIGHT have Alzheimer Disease early stage. I MIGHT want to ignore this and not be honest with myself. It is a HORRIBLE disease and I might want to NOT be honest with myself in this case.

Another scenario: What if I started to regularly drink alcohol in excess every day. I MIGHT want to NOT think that I am an alcoholic and continue to do so, regardless of the facts, but in reality not be honest with myself.

OK, moving on to others……  Do I want to be honest with someone else that I know, OR do I want them to be totally honest with me? Perhaps not.  Would friendships be ended?  Would feelings be hurt? I would think it is a possibility that this may happen. BUT, by not being honest, many things can be prevented or instead, cured in the process of being honest. 

Some examples:  Letting a friend know that what they are doing is disrupting others, where they do not see the facts of their actions. Maybe the alcoholic in my other Self example would be benefited if it were a friend instead, and were told that they are drinking too much and suggesting they get help.

It could be we would lose a friend, in the process; depends on the friend and how close we are to them.

Honesty is, in a big way, the adherence to the facts, being fair and straightforward in our conduct, being truthful and sincere, and, of course, being frank in our expressions.

If we are believers in God, I would say that He knows the truth, always, and we cannot be dishonest with Him, for He knows all.  He is with us always, He is aware, he is alive and He is Present with us, being active with us, again, always……

Can we be honest with ourselves and with others?  Don’t know!!!!


Den Betts                                            bettsden@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Honesty 2017-48

  1. the hardest is in being honest with one’s self—–hard to believe we are not always as truthful with ourselves as we think we are. But friendships have been broken over “honesty” and many times the versions of what is seen or felt by us is not actual—-so we need to tread lightly. But many times friendships are renewed better than before when the person faces up to what was said—-the alcoholic, or other type of addict, of which there are many, sees the error of ways and makes a change. Here I am!!


    • I have tried to be honest ALL the time, as I do NOT remember well, and I do NOT have to try to remember what I said before as it is what I believe now, as then. BUT, I also have found that it is unwise to be TOO honest with others……..


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