To Hear 2017-11

After many continuous moments of praying to God, this poem came up as to my actual hearing from God, and I realize that speaking to God is different than hearing Him. Some could say that in hearing this happens in many ways and I will admit that as fact. I fully believe that we can hear from God, but it takes some perseverance to a degree with continual praying and acceptance of wanting to hear perhaps. And, even then, He could be answering, but we fail to listen, ignore, or disregard Him in the process.


To Hear  2017-11

I could hear the sound of someone speaking,

From where, I was not sure.

It came from around, above, and beside me,

And I realized, also within me.

I struggled to understand the words

But could not claim I knew.


The whispers resonated over and over,

Trying to get to me, to let me know,

Slow, slow down I thought, let them be,

Allow the expressions to climb to the surface,

To reach the internal brain, or so I prayed.

The manifestation of being had begun,

As I sat and contemplated MY very being.


I, WE, take life so for granted, as we live,

Love, like and exist.

We talk at times, but do not listen for

An answer; just a one-way conversation.

Taking time, with effort, we can hear,

And in the hearing, we will know.

The Lord God of the Universe, is and always

Will be, alive, active, aware, and present

Within us, around us, always!!!!!!!


Den Betts

One thought on “To Hear 2017-11

  1. this applies also to our time with each other—-do we spend too much of the time thinking on what to say, rather than listening to each other and learning(maybe God is is the hearing of each other).


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