The Message  2017-10

            It is far to easy for  people to push religion onto others. Many do and the message is lost to those that can or need the inspiration that the Gospel can give.  Some look at others and do judge and feel they MUST proclaim something to those people, whereas giving information like the Gospels and the story of Jesus is much better done in a loving and caring manner.   


                                                            The Message  2017-10

What is objectionable, is not the sharing of the Gospel, but instead the mode or spirit in which it is shared. Do NOT condemn the sinner or judge the unbeliever- Jesus did not do that.

Proclaim the message in a loving manner, to people who need both kindness and truth. It is the goodness of God that leads people to repentance, and it is the truth that sets them free.        

Den Betts

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