Role Model 2017-01

I thought of this poem when contemplating the many turmoil episodes of the period since election in the U.S.A. of last fall.  We ALL are responsible to those that look at us for guidance and inspiration.  When we do NOT do things that make an example to those that look, we are the ones that can be blamed. The same goes for those leaders that show just how shallow they are in life and we are stuck with the consequences.  Nuff said….  

                                                     Role Model   2017 – 01


                        A child learning of life

                        From the day it’s born.

                        Skills to be used

                        Through daily strife

                        Taught by the ones

                        That are figure heads;

                        Good, bad or indifferent

                        It learns from their stead


                        Macho, cool, in and such

                        Words not important

                        But many times said.

                        Honesty, ethics, rising

                        Above; some things other

                        Than the things they love.

                        Taking after the leader

                        And teacher, not becoming

                        A peer pressure seeker.


                        Looking beyond today for tomorrow

                        When the quality of life

                        Will be of joy, not sorrow

                        The responsibility is there-

                        Not for another, but to the role model

                        Sister or brother.

                        To instill a feeling of self

                        Respect, is a chore for all

                        To want and should expect.


                        Den Betts