Sorry for Self 2016-60

I found this one in my archives and thought it would be appropriate for now, not that I need to hear it, but just because. Actually I am over any bad feelings that came up lately, but had to read it and now publicize it. We, or many of us, have periods of depression that we live through, and being sorry for self is probably normal for most.

Sorry for Self 2016-60

To wail and bemoan, beat my chest

and cry the tears that flow

like rain upon the ground below.


To tell the world how sorry I am

for self and how sad the days are

from sunup to nights darkness gloom.


To look for sympathy from others

when things are so very bad;

just to help me through the day.


To admit to all that I’m not so strong

when faced with pressures beyond the

norm, the different, the standard.


To want to bare the soul, the mind,

for any to see, how vulnerable I am

as far as self, the person of    I.

Den Betts

2 thoughts on “Sorry for Self 2016-60

  1. Hey, been there, done that—–and anyone who says not me, is not being very truthful. there are different degrees of it all, but we need to have empathy for
    those going thru the going thru. sometimes this is extremely difficult!! glad this is now where you are today! Love ya both!


    • Sometimes it takes just time. We went through a mini-grieving process, but realize we are both healthy, have a house over our heads and much to be thankful for today. We are now in another mode of a renewal and will be fine. Thanks Dorothy


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