Wealth of Self 2016-59

What is richness? What is important to a person who has everything or to those that have nothing? What does it take to realize that it is not the gold coin that makes the person rich, but instead a relationship with a loving family or mate or friend that makes one know what is important…………..


Wealth of Self 2016-59


It cannot be measured with

a stack of gold coins,

property, or ledger numbers


Knowledge in the mind from

life’s experiences and learning

is an intangible fortune


A solid family unit with love

and caring is worth more than

any dollar amount fixed by man


The health of an individual cannot

be purchased for the value it has

for the ease of living


Being one with nature with its

beauty and bountiful joys is free art

and majesty to be enjoyed by all


Consider, the millionaire contemplating

his life, while confined in an empty house

unloved by all, having untreatable ills


He, being half blind, living with confused

thoughts; while a man with a loving

family in robust health


Surrounded by friends, having an average typical

job, one with nature, considers himself

the richest man on earth.


Den Betts

2 thoughts on “Wealth of Self 2016-59

  1. how rich anyone is is a personal feeling—–have seen some with so much in material goods, great health, but lacking something when it comes to family and friends——-and others with so very little, hurting all the time, feeling as though they are truly blest and rich beyond measure.  so much depends on whether you value material goods or other people.  


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