Ganglions of Expression 2016-45

This has to be one of my most favorite written pieces. Where I understand it, many will not and I realize this… It is about my brain thoughts, when I was contemplating things after having a traumatic brain injury, now long ago. I had to rewrite it two times, each with better clarity for anyone else to understand it, but this is the original. If you do comprehend, good for you…….


Ganglions of Expression 2016-45



The essence of the human mind


Belies the kindred spirit


Forsooth, the mighty processes of thought,


Luxuriates in both feeling and self pity


Compassionate waves of high-pitched timbre


Echo midst the wandering mind


While rambling bits of neurotic bytes,


Show extemporaneous expressions of this compassion


All the while, chasing the mediocrity of commonness away


As the cavalcades of simplistic awareness reigns


The barrier to the threshold of understanding remains


While the answer to the universal question of life awaits


Den Betts


My mother would NOT have appreciated this piece, but she was a poet and liked them to rhyme and make complete sense and understanding to all. That is good, but not always the way it is in life, but I think she may have liked some of my works; which is also good………….

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