Red Flag in San Antonio 2016-41

                                     Red Flag in San Antonio 2016-41


                                 Somber Mood and Thoughts in Penna

I have a poem below, I wrote in the past that speaks for itself in its content, but it brought to mind something that JUST happened recently.

We went to Penna on 5-12-2016, to do some genealogy research and took a side trip to Somerset County to the town of Shanksville to visit the Flight 93 Memorial located there.

As I looked at the scene of the impact area of Flight 93, so many thoughts came to mind as to the moment when the horrible event occurred. In my mind, I heard the voices of those that, with outright courage, made a decision to take action back then.

They KNEW what they were doing and most of them had an idea of the results of their decision. The realization of knowing that they would be in God’s hands and that they were refusing to give in and NOT do anything was overwhelming to me when I looked at the names on the wall. It showed they were ALL heroes and were saving lives in the process of their fighting against the terrorists.

Wow. To know that what they were going to do and then actually did, is amazing and so, so very wonderful on their part. To make a stand, take action and know they were probably going to die, was very humbling in my mind.

I encourage any, and all, to at least read up on this moment of history and if possible, visit the site and feel the moment in time and perhaps hear the voices of the people that sacrificed themselves so that nobody else would die from that plane that was taken over by cowards of the lowest degree.

My poem below is about the Alamo where, long ago, many died and made a decision that they knew ahead of time would result in their deaths. I pray I am never tested like they were, but if so, I hope and pray I will stand firm and do what is decreed as the “right” thing…….

                   Red Flag in San Antonio 2016-41

What is courage? Courage to die for a belief so strong! What does it take to do so, with the knowledge that the next sunrise will not be there for you? It happened!!!

Again, I look at today with the wonder of what it would take for me to consider doing what those brave people did back in 1836. To know that what I do will foretell my dying for a cause, a belief, so strong.


A bugle blew in a distant field, to instruct those near a flagpole,

The assembled group in a nearby mission turn round to see

A red flag furled, flying high, stating – No Quarter – No Salvation

A promise of death to those remaining, realization of no tomorrow

Not another sunrise to greet a new day, a certainty of internal blackness

Assurance of no mercy to be given that day to the last man alive.


Saber unsheathed, a line drawn in the dust, cross over – man’s fate made

All but one – deciding to fight, to stay, to fight for a belief – to the death.

What is a courage so strong, an ideal so grand that a man will

Knowingly seal his doom, to forestall another sunset on earth that day?

FREEDOM! – so others may choose, a way of life, an existence wanted


A bugle sounds again, in a distant area saying to charge.

The multitudes move, overcoming in short order those inside.

The last one to die looks up and knowing his fate yells,

“REMEMBER THE ALAMO!” and joins his companions of the red flag.

Den Betts

The Alamo, was a fortress under the command of a 26 year old, William Travis, and came under siege by Santa Anna who ordered a pre-dawn attack on March 6, 1836 in which 186 Texans, Americans, and Europeans sacrificed themselves to have independence from Mexico. Texas actually joined the United States nation on Dec 29, 1845