Word Spoken 2016-42

I believe this one came where I was thinking about something I did and should NOT have done. My mind then conjured this and made me think about my actions that occurred previously. Do I really think about “an evil one” being out there luring/tempting me to do things? OR telling me something that I do not want to hear? Should I worry about it? I think the answer is YES and that really makes me think……..


Word Spoken 2016-42


The black robed one rode upon the noble

steed, up the cobbled road toward the small house

showing lighted windows and smoking chimney.


His horse, a massive beast with iron rimmed

hooves strode majestically; its nostrils flaring,

its breath shining in the damp misty night.


With leather gloves, the rider pounded

on the door once, twice and once again;

then backed off atop his ebony prancing carrier.


The door opened, the light showed a man in dirty

pants and white linen smock, staring, seeing, then

quivering, with a sudden spreading stain he stood.


The steed reared up on hind legs; kicking at the air

with the rider gripping the reins, looking down at

the man grasping the door, leaning against the wall.


With a pointed finger stabbing at the fear crazed man

he said one word and flung it into the man’s heart; then

with a final look he spurred the horse around and away.


The man backed into the house, turned and looked at his

spouse, standing silently, who then backed away with hand

at mouth, eyes wide, fearful, stopping at a table.


His heart thundering, eyes ablaze, weak kneed, and in

abject terror, he turned and with stilted legs he walked

out the door – never to be seen again.


Where he went is unknown today, but realized

twas a sentence by “the robed one”. Some will

say that although they  sometimes fear,

they do not normally worry, about THE EVIL ONE.

Den Betts

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