Lost in Space 2016-40

I am how I am, and am who I am because I am. My mind is as it is, because it is. The realities of life are because they are and the senses of my being tell me just how things are in life; outstanding!!!!

Lost in Space 2016-40

I look, but do not see

Try to listen, but do not hear

To speak, but cannot talk


I am alone with my senses

My mind overflowing

With random thoughts


The world spins so fast

Leaving me in a

Whirlwind of wonder


How does one follow,

Is something to consider;

And so, so staggering.

Den Betts


2 thoughts on “Lost in Space 2016-40

  1. ….as I review this quote today, it takes me back to our “spiritual gift” given to us TODAY: WE LIVE WITH OUR FAITH: day to day , evening to eve and at the end of a 24 hour day , “WE do not
    “LIVE BY SIGHT, alone…………


  2. Also, what we see may not be what we want to see or feel or touch….it is there, regardless! WE need “OUR FAITH TO GUIDE US—where we put a ? mark, there has been a . placed there, because of all the gifts that our given to us, it is —- what it is on our journey, and we need to accept the annoyance of change.. “knowing and hoping for a better tomorrow-if there shall be.


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