Essence of Thought 2016-18


What are thoughts and how do we come up with the many that we do? I believe when I wrote this, I was thinking too much (and maybe still am).

Essence of Thought  2016-18 

Begone, begone ye cursed thoughts,

Take off and flee to a different day.

Let my mind be at rest for a fleeting moment,

To regroup for a haggard stay.


Interest wanes for continued love,

In dismay, my mind wanders still.

Perish the Devil for allowing this,

A wicked way of fortunate bliss.


A rusty pinnacle of frozen tableau,

Given in time for decrepit spray.

Alas, the heart beat continues still,

Allowing a millennium of joy, I pray.


Where is the harbinger of celestial upheaval,

To judge those left behind.

Thoughts remain to drip to oblivion,

Finally peace reigns in my time.

Den Betts