“TO” 2016-17

                                        “TO”      2016-17

To appreciate life in its fullest, with all the UP’s and DOWN’s of existence

To realize living is, in fact, a luxury of life itself and of being

To know that existence is a wonderful facet of life, we enjoy

To recognize we have to take the BAD and GOOD, as part of our enjoyment of being

To understand our time on Earth is a microcosm of a future period of eternity

To discover that life’s “Earth journey” was, in effect, a test for living that life of eternity

To grasp the significance of our being on how and why we do exist

To identify those things that make up our self within our Selves

To fathom that we are children of a higher being than those of our parents

To accept without knowing the mysteries of life

At this junction I welcome you to add your things to the “TO” list!!!


Den Betts