Dreams of a Creative Mind 2015-121

Dreams!! What are they?? I would think they are the chances of exploring a different way of life, or of living. They are the making up of things we may not normally do or see. We can be enthralled and amazed or scared and be afraid of them. They can help us or control us in ways that are good and bad. The imaginative thoughts we conjure up can be exciting or as dull as crap; so be it………………

Dreams of a Creative Mind 2015-121

A man without a dream lives only

In today’s moment of time.

With a frame of mind of striving

Toward tomorrows goals

It is the creative essence

Of life’s existence; whereas

Today’s dreams are, in fact,

Or perhaps, the reality of the future

When observing the base

Thinking processes of life.

Take away a mans dreams

You destroy his very soul,

His reason for living; for

A body is nourished by

Food, but the mind is

Fed by the waves of thought

With rumination thru time.

Den Betts

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