JFK Quote #2 2015-117

                                      JFK Quote #2     2015-117

Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one’s own beliefs. Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others.” JFK 

When will we as a society realize that being intolerant is not the way to be? We do NOT have to like the ways other people are that are different than us, but being tolerant of them is something we could try to achieve.

If we believe in something that is not the same as others, so be it. Also, so be it, if the others do not believe in what we believe; simple as that….. To condemn or oppress those that have the opposite thoughts is a persecution of others that cannot be reconciled.

The turmoil that pervades the world today, in the name of religion, is an example of this intolerance. Just where will it go? I do not know or course, but can see where nations of the world MUST do more than react in a war like atmosphere, and instead rely on intelligent means of communication to combat these feelings. I worry that the intelligence is not there though. These processes of thinking are not one about one religion, but about ALL religions to consider obtaining an answer to the problems that affect many or all of us today.


Den Betts

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