Interaction 2015-115

Interaction   2015-115

When and where do we interact? What is interaction? Why do we do so? Questions on making connections with others abound and are either easy or hard to answer!

I think that when I interact with another I am directly involved, usually, with that person. I am as I said, making a connection with them. It could be a long activity or perhaps just a glance toward them, but still a connection.

Why do we do so? Many times it is because we WANT to do that, but in other cases it is due to circumstances. Holding a door open for another is a quick and easy one, but still one. To have a conversation with someone is also one, but maybe more involved.

The other aspect is regarding whether or not it is a good one or a bad moment with the person in question. How many of us have, in looking back, said “That was not a good moment”. On the other hand, we can have good, even great, ones, where we both come from it with an experience that is or was worthwhile.

Think about it. We ALL interact, every day. We do so with the TV, in various ways, but we still do so. We interact with our pets, in many ways that result in, sometimes, pleasure for both of us. The list goes on and on.

One way I interact is with the God that I admire, enjoy and love. OK, it is ONE of my ways, but still is an interaction. I meditate, contemplate and pray almost daily. It is my moments of these interactions that I get something out of doing. This type is very personal, yet is memorable to me in completing. I get more out of these interactions than most anything else or with anyone else that I do.

Interaction is where we have an effect upon each other versus a causal affect where there is none. We communicate with others as individuals, groups, nations, and any others that can affect us in some way. The feedback with a computer, where we get a response or where we steer a car that influences the direction or position and by seeing what happens when we do so, is an interaction. Ok, a small one, but still one to consider or understand.

I think communication is the main way I understand where we interact with each other, instead of with an object or other form of action. The social interactions where they are on purpose or even accidental, or made on a regular basis form the social interactions of life.

We can relate to each other, or objects, but overall we are affecting someone or something. We cannot get away from this action. I believe that being isolated without access to anyone or something, such as a cell in prison without contact with the world in any way would be a horrible existence. To say someone would go crazy is not without thought or merit, if this is the case.

So, we are ALL creatures of interaction. We, I would think, ALL need this to exist in a normal way of being. To isolate oneself, by oneself, is not a normal manifestation of being. The important thing is to do so in a positive way that benefits us and others. This is something that is not easy at times, and not really hard, but instead a plan of doing. How we do it is another matter.

Den Betts

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