Questions in Life 2015-112

I think I DID find one of the questions answered recently, but not sure now. So many thoughts of why things ARE the way they are and we just take most of them for granted, without question usually. Some may THINK they have the answer, but they really do NOT know for sure, just think they know – perhaps….


Questions in Life   2015-112

Can anyone tell me of the things in life

That are so vague and not for sure?


When does life really begin,

At birth or many months before


What makes the world continue to spin and travel

So many times round itself and Sun


How goes gravity really work

And can it someday be controlled


Where does the universe truly end

Are we perhaps in a very large bowl


So many questions such as above

I ask myself this simplistic day


Who knows the answers or is God

The one that only knows the way


Den Betts

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