OMG 2015-83


                                                OMG   2015-83

OMG!!!! How often do we use this small phrase in life? Daily?, Sometimes?, Often,? Never?

It all depends on the situation, I am sure.  I have a category called “Quotes” that I just started and have one from C.S. Lewis from one of his writings. In it is the quoted statement, “Can a mortal ask questions which God finds unanswerable? Quite easily, I should think. All nonsense questions are unanswerable.”, C.S. Lewis This does not relate entirely to OMG, but gives an idea as to what is not to be used; maybe…..

Now, OMG is not really a question, or is it? I am sure God has a filter system of knowing when we mean Oh My God (or OMG) as an exclamation or a request for his hearing us or knowing we need His attention. I am sure He also knows, through the filter, that we are just making noise at something.

We just stepped in a pile of dog crap and said, OMG as a startled yell of unbelief. Or something happened that was of the unordinary in life and OMG was a wail of disbelief or a real belief of greatness of what happened at the time.

BUT, it is sometimes used for getting God’s attention! He is not THAT busy that He cannot deal with our life’s problems, comfort us, or be with us in times of despair or even great joy.

Oh dear God, where are you, or help me in my time of discomfort, be with me in my time of need, help me when I am in danger, and statements or yells like this are not yells of inconsequential requests! Or again, Oh My God (OMG)!!!

I read a psalm in the Bible that a psalmist said “Oh My God” to get His attention and presume that it worked, but too many times we, including me, say it in a superficial way; period……….

OMG just thrown out for minor reasons, or exclamation thoughts, or usually just a habit of saying, are not really a prayerful saying. Really!!!

I then state, if it is not used in a, let me say religious reason, then should it be used at all? Some could say, “Who cares!” Perhaps God cares and does not like it to be used in a nonsense way or frivolous way that taxes the filter He uses for real requests from one of His children.

Does OMG bring up one of the Ten Commandments “Do not use the name of the Lord in vain”? Does God think of OMG as doing this action that He said NOT to do long ago? I really cannot say, because I do not have that knowledge. The word God is being used in this OMG context so this might be true. If it is the case, then perhaps we need to be asking forgiveness for using this phrase in our daily lives!


I would think if this is so, then we could say it is a bad habit of phraseology in daily living and try to change our doing or using this OMG phrase. I think I may have used it and perhaps others have done so too. Maybe it is time for a change of habit if that is what it is for us.

What really astounds me is when I hear OMG from someone that may or may not be a believer of God and it is used in a way that I described above. Why say it, when they do not believe? Why say it when we do believe?

Sometimes when I pray to God in a meditative moment, I ask God, “Why do you put up with us, the way we are and how we are in relation to you?” The only answer is a simple one that amazes me. “Because I love you!” His love is an unconditional love without strings attached, somewhat. Ok, there are strings that I could mention, but will save those for another time.

Even when we say “OMG” in a nonsense way, God still loves us, though I believe He shakes His head in wonder at times.

Den Betts

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