Life’s Worth 2016-62

I still have the “Wall that Heals” in my mind, that I saw in Burton, OH last week. So many names on it of men and woman that died in Vietnam. We, the people, allow our elected leaders to put our children in harm’s way at times, many conflicts that should NOT have happened then and in the future.

Life’s Worth 2016-62

How foolish are the forms of life

that share the planet Earth


What sane logical reason

is in place for all the wars and strife


Who can give a decent reason

for all the dying and anguish


Why the need for battle cry’s

for the young warriors and innocents to die


Where are the ones to say ENOUGH

for the masses that have it rough


When will the bell stop tolling

for the life on the ship called Earth


How can the world’s most intelligent

creatures, give life so little worth?


Den Betts

Is there a reason for war? Some say yes and others no, but it is the people that cause war by letting their leaders dictate the horrors, trials and tribulations to occur. We are the reason, the people of Earth that people like the mad man in N. Korea, Putin in Russia, and hopefully NOT, the idiot here in American that does not think America is already great.

D. C. Wall 2016-61


The local Geauga County Fairgrounds in Burton, OH, had a large but mini version of “the Wall” that is in D.C. and Joann and I went to look at it. All the names shown are those that died in the Vietnam War and it was “Sobering” to stand there and realize all those that gave their lives in the conflict. I think now of my thoughts then and what I believed then versus now.


I was just out of the Marine Corps before it started and my youth innocence was in play, though I did not have ANY adverse thoughts of those fighting. We, as the people, have to stand up and state our thoughts when things occur. Do NOT remain silent and say you are a member of the the silent majority. Instead, make a stand whatever it is!

                                  D.C. Wall 2016-61

Lowered head with hand on brow,

Salt flowing to the ground.

The ebony edifice spears the sky,

Subdued thoughts abound.

Tragedy of life remembered,

While standing with heavy heart.

A list showing no return,

Of those gone long ago.

Laughter, gaiety and flair,

Replaced by a scroll of stone.

Den Betts