Aware of God and His Presence 2019-31

Aware of God and His Presence 2019-31

Some feel that they do NOT have the presence of God in their lives. HMMMMmm!!!
If they have the normal senses most people have, they could use them to enjoy and cherish the presence of God that surrounds them.
How many have seen the Glory of God in the simplest of ways on a daily basis? An aside to this is asking what the Glory of God is. I saw a description of “The glory of God is the infinite beauty and greatness of God’s manifold perfections. Sounds good to me. I also liked “The glory of God is the manifest beauty of his holiness. It is the going-public of his holiness.” A wrap up would perhaps state, “God is in a class by himself. He has infinite perfections, infinite greatness, and infinite worth.”
A majestic eagle flying above and soaring here to there, (Alaska has tons of them there). All around us are examples of His presence giving us insight as to His being with us.
The wind blowing through the trees, touching a windchime, kissing our cheek; all to be recognized as the touch of God, letting us know He is there.
His hand in the help of making the ingredients of a special pastry, enjoyed by all at a reunion of His children at an event. The taste that reminds us He was involved.
The smell of a field of flowers wafting to our nose, as the colors dazzle us with vibrant areas of splendor as hummingbirds swoop in to enjoy the nectar of the flowers God has blessed.
NO, I disagree with t hose that are missing the Presence of the Glory of God. They are not appreciating what is there and who was involved – God Himself!!!!!!!!
Den Betts

Concept of Unity with God 2016-46

Concept of Unity with God 2016-46

What is unity with God? Is it a way of being “one with God?” I feel a unity with God and believe I have become closer to Jesus Christ (the man God) who is the Son of God, who is Himself part of the Trinity of the one God of the Universe. Whew, a lot of words

OK, bear with me. It does NOT disturb me what YOU think, it is OK what you think about God or do not think about Him. I believe in God and, in my mind, was and am blessed with His presence and in that presence was assured that there is a God. So, I believe in God the Father, the son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, which makes up the Trinity of ONE God…..

Now, I have stated before, when I pray to the one God of the Universe, I pray to Him and state, usually, “I submit myself to God, surrender myself to Jesus Christ, then I then stopped. But I now continue and say, “and I welcome the Holy Spirit to be around and within me.”

What does that last part mean? Well, again, in my mind, it means I am in unity with God with having the essence of God be with me in the form of the Holy Spirit.

Not only is God there, and Jesus Christ also somewhere, but He, God, is nearby, around me and also within me, in my soul, in the form of the Holy Spirit. It means that God is ALWAYs nearby, listening, watching, knowing what I do and think.

That can be scary and downright intrusive to some, but that is the way it is whether or not we like it or not. He is with us always like I said. To me that is comforting and makes me feel good instead of scared.

Now, some will or do have a problem with the thought that He is with us always. I can’t help what others think and they will have to find the unity on their own and it IS a job doing so. That is another blog on how to do so.

I also want to address the thought some have told me whereas they state, “How can one God or Being, be with each of us individually, there are SO MANY of us.

Well, an easy answer would be, “Because He is God!!” That is really NOT the answer though that I want to express.

Let me make this comparison, which is an easy one to perhaps think about God. There are about 7 Billion people on Earth at present. There is ONE God, again, in the form of the Father, The Son, and Spirit. Now, think of God as capable of being in the Holy Spirit form like an amoeba, which can number in the hundreds of billions.  Then think of Him as being with us always in that form, around us, below, top, aside and especially inside us in OUR essence of our souls.

He is NOT an amoeba, just using the concept of numbers; get it?

He God, wherever He is, can then be in contact with us continually. Our prayers, our desires, our fears, our thoughts, our everything, are known to him through the Holy Spirit that is as close to us as the breath of air we breathe.

Someone also said, “I don’t know if I WANT Him to know all the things I do or think or say.” Guess what guy, He DOES know and will ALWAYs know, regardless. And, the things you do or say or whatever, he realizes and if it is something that YOU do not like, he may not like it ether, BUT he STILL loves you, regardless. The love is UNCONDITIONAL on His part.

Though the love is there, He may not LIKE the actions you do or think, in your mind. Remember the Ten Commandments? They are a written set of Godly instructions for us to go by and we really could use them as a way of life to follow.

I do NOT know how God really thinks of us when we do something He considers not good. Does he pass judgement on us; don’t know; but He does know. We will find out some day.

I feel the Unity with God can be an exhilarating thing and I feel blessed to have a feeling of unity with Him. I encourage anyone to try to get closer to God himself and Jesus Christ, become one with Him and enjoy the joy of knowing His presence as the Holy Spirit. It is GREAT.

Den Betts