Mystical Jesus and Followers 2017-12


                                               Mystical Followers 2017-12               

Was Jesus a mystic!!     He, as the son of God, who prayed to Him; asked Him questions, listened and got answers.

What is a mystic? A person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.

Jesus in his three years as described in the Gospels, was a teacher. What He learned as a child, a teenager and young man in His travels, He taught to those He knew and loved; His disciples.

He taught them to pray, to talk and how to listen to God, and after He died and was resurrected, He came back to instruct them to continue.

The disciples learned from Jesus and they listened to what He had to say. The letters to the churches, the instructions, all show that that the Apostles became mystics also. In their travels their teachings to those they spread the word of the Lord, furthered the belief in this man Jesus, beyond imagination. 

I can ask the question, but I feel I KNOW the answer – YES He was a mystic for he had experiences with God and more than anything, he KNEW of His being.

   Den Betts

The Mind Gap 2015-87



When does The Mind Gap present itself to a person? When it does!!!! Till then it is in the background, somewhat hiding, until it presents itself to be known. Hard to actually explain or give an example, but known when it is known. Really exhilarating to experience or have in actuality and to truly know where it comes from. This occurred before “The Happening”, but in reality, I somewhat think they are related.

I was told by my esteemed Editor (my dear wife), that I should consider NOT posting this on my blog. Well, I respect that, but also feel that I have to do what I have to do at times. So, here it is… Perhaps not easy to understand or accept, but it is what I feel I experienced and now acknowledge as factual. So I share it, only to let others know that there are “things” that cannot be explained or hard to do so at times…. So be it…..

Addendum: Perhaps, just perhaps, I am snookering (neat word!) you and this is all a fabrication!! Or maybe NOT and it is something that was, is and will continue to be????

The Mind Gap    2015-87

The point in time,

a nanosecond, the

infinitesimal span

where the conscious

and subconscious levels

of thought, separate

and become anew.


A moment where reality and

deep thought- change the

areas of being.

When the unusual is possible &

creativity reigns, the

mini-voltage impulses

are in a neutral state.


A lengthened gap

brings forth new abilities-

gives birth to an anomaly,

a true power that is

uncontrolled in any way

showing itself at random

and occurring in many forms.


Few have it, many dread it,

some abuse it, but all those

having it know of its existence.

The Mind Gap – a time warp,

impossible to explain, measure

prove or disprove, but is there;

believe me, I know


Perhaps easier to call it a

“Mystical Creation of Thoughts”

and let it go at that, for others

to ponder, wonder, and comment on

AND, to contemplate the possibilities

To strive for and obtain for Self……….

Den Betts


Nothing to do with the words — Mind the Gap or

Closing the Mind Gap by Ted Cadsby & Don Tapscott