Eco Echo 2016-14

I hear some people (and politicians) complaining of certain restrictions on what they must do in life that is different than before, based on climatology reasons, especially due to air pollution, created by us, the people. The same can be said for our water problems such as in Flint with the lead! Who is to blame? Who can we accuse? Who will pay for it? (Ha– I know some of the answers, but not all of them).

Eco Echo 2016-14

What will happen, who will say what, of the poor light

in a world of blight, if the sun doesn’t shine bright.

What will be said if the sky is so ugly, a poor display

turning from rich blue to dull grey, each and everyday.


Will there be finger pointing and yelling around then,

blame cast, accusations toward others, again and again.

Is the fuse already lit and the countdown begun,

to a daily dull filtering of our yellow sun


Shall the future of the world be dictated to  – now

by those of the present – we that befoul

Will our grandchild’s grand children despise our lot,

for waffling, wavering, wasting – for not saying NOT!!!.


Will the present haunt them like a ghost from the past,

in a forever struggle to live, breath and – just last.

Should the dollar, the mark and yen be the rule,

prescribing to all – until the world becomes so cruel.


What does it take to hear the sound of anguished din,

the echo of the ecology – crying in the wind……

Den Betts